iCell is a pioneer bringing the future to today.The use of iCell’s unique technology in organic wastewater treatment, microbial culture,and single cell protein production provides food and beverage manufacturers with solutions for efficient utilization of organic by-products. By producing new protein products with unique nutrition value for animal feeds,iCell creates win-win opportunities for partners and the environment.

iCell's solution for recycling of nutritional by-products dramatically reduces the waste in the food manufacturing by converting it into a feed ingredient. The solution is a combination of biological growth, cell wall extraction, enzymatic fractionating and protein concentration techniques. The result is a Single Cell Protein (SCP) produced to meet the high quality demands for protein in the feed ingredient world. SCP’s are functional, natural, sustainable, high-valued and widely recognized by animal science community as valuable protein ingredients.

iCell continues to guarantee and improve global protein and food safety through implementation of its technology. Because of the increasing demand for protein in emerging economies, new sustainable products like iCell SCP and its Hi-TechPro version for piglet feed, and its X30 formula for shrimp, will quickly gain popularity in the global market as a cost-effective ingredient for animals, plants and humans.