• iCell Shandong Project


    In June 2017, iCell and Shandong Xingguang Group reached a strategic cooperation agreement and started pilot plant operation. Xingguang is the big sugar refinery in China with millions of tons of annual output of various types of products. The refinery boasts of its standard management system and excellent environmental protection and resource utilization efficiency. The only improvement needs to be made is on the incineration or landfill of aerobic sludge. The implementation of iCell technology will achieve recycling of 12000 tons of sludge discharged annually by Xinguang refinery without incineration or landfill.

  • iCell Indonesia Project


    From March 2017 , iCell-GAMA pilot project operation and implementation in Indonesia. The implementation of iCell technology will take the resource utilization of palm oil mill effluent and environmental sustainability to a new height supporting the local Indonesia feed ingredient market and helping to reduce the import of expensive ingredients for it shrimp, poultry and swine feed producers.

  • iCell Tiantai Plant


    Since 2014, iCell has been successfully operating iCell Taizhou plant by strategically working with AB-InBev. Using its patented technology, iCell transforms natural nutrients in AB-inBev wastewater into single cell biological mass by setting optimal conditions for bacterial poly-cultures in the tanks and adding supplemental nutrients. The single cell biological mass then is harvested and processed into all natural SCP rich in free nucleotide and small peptide for animal feed. iCell Taizhou plant produces 1200 tons SCP product HiTechPro per year.