HiTechPro® (Piglet)

HiTechPro® is a premium single cell protein (SCP) produced by iCell Sustainable Nutrition Co.,Ltd through using its international patented technology, "a method of producing aerobic single cell protein by autolysis process" (patent No.:US 10508132B2). The product, which can be used as a high-quality microbial protein feed ingredient with high content of free nucleotides and immune polysaccharides, is derived from long-term screened optimal bacteria strains growing in nutrient-rich and controllable substrates as the fluid medium, and is produced via a series of production processes including concentration, autolysis, drying and sterilization.

Features and Efficacy:
Abundant free nucleotides: highly palatable, protecting liver, and enhancing anti-stress ability.   
Immune polysaccharides: boost immune system and keep animals healthy.
Premium single cell protein and its metabolite: highly digestible and improve performance in animals.

ProFlocTM 55 (Poultry)

ProFlocTM 55 is a premium single cell protein (SCP) rich in nucleotides and immune polysaccharides designed for poultry feeds at all stages.  A perfect addition to Antibiotic Free diets and Vegan feed formulas or the replacement of fishmeal – ProFlocTM 55 bring FCR to new levels of performance.   

ProFlocTM X30 (Aquatic)

The MOST ADVANCE shrimp premix on the market today – improves FCR by more than 15% !  ProFlocTM X30 is a premium premix for shrimp feed based on the iCell SCP technology and used at 15-20% inclusion, either “on top” or as replacement to majority of fishmeal.  The best combination of attractant and growth promotion on the market.