iCell Sustainable Nutrition Co., Ltd. is an innovative high-tech company focusing on generating new value from nutritional by-products through improved resource utilization. It is committed to integrating worldwide resources and technologies in environmental treatment, biology and animal nutrition with the aim of protecting environment, recycling lost nutrient resources and delivering sustainable nutrition products for the feed, food and organic fertilizer industries. And also Provide sustainable closed-loop solutions for food industry chain.

The iCell team is composed of a group of highly skilled, globally experienced executives, with deep industry and process knowledge in the domains of ingredient production and ingredient use in feed/food formulations. In addition to the core management team, iCell has a strong, science based advisory team helping to deliver liquid effluent treatment and ingredient production solutions which meet the economic and performance requirements of the marketplace.

iCell owns a series of globally patented technologies encompassing 40+core patents covering the world's major economies. This IP allows iCell to offer efficient treatment of liquid organic materials which would otherwise be discarded, such that they are converted into value added nutrients and ingredients.

“Environmental Problems are Resources Gone Astray”

iCell has opened a new era in water treatment and protein/feed ingredient production. It provides innovative solutions for efficient utilization of organic by-products normally sent to waste water treatment facilities, and instead, creates sustainable, premium and all-natural nutrition products. This approach converts raw material yield loss in a host plant, into feed ingredients and can reduce most of the traditional disposal costs.

One of iCell’s products, HiTechProTM, produced by our Taizhou plant, was recognized as a best in class, Innovative Product by Zhejiang authority in 2017.

Financed by well-known investors IDG, SLC Holdings and Artiman and supported by its strategic investor Pronutri which possesses considerable global resources and sales network, iCell operates a commercial scale plant in Zhejiang Province and Shandong Province, China and is constructing new projects in China, Indonesia and the USA.

iCell is THE GLOBAL LEADER in single cell protein production and its use in animal feeds, and has accumulated broad and deep knowledge as a result of its commercial operations over the last few years.

Maximizing the value of food grade organic materials which are typically washed down the drain and turning them into sustainable protein products which can replace fishmeal and other expensive ingredients is the basis of iCell’s business.


  • CEO, Mark Rottmann
  • Taking full responsibility for iCell global investment and financing and business development strategies. Graduated from S. ILLINOIS University and has extensive global experience in industrial process companies, having held top level positions at Betz Labs and GE Water and leading successful operation of startups using new technology to create new, value added protein ingredients. His broad vision and global commercial network have allowed iCell to greatly increase customer base and the applications where iCell SCP is used.

  • VP of Operation, Hosn Song
  •   In charge of iCell plant operation management and development. He holds a Masters degree in Environmental Engineering from Shanghai University and has previously worked in leading enterprises in food industry. Broad experience in environmental engineering and sludge resource utilization, and proficient in equipment and processes needed for the iCell business.

  • VP of R&D and Marketing, Ph.D, Hellen Wang
  • In charge of iCell project marketing, technology and product R&D and market promoting. She holds a Ph.D. degree in animal nutrition fromChina Agriculture University obtained in 2003. Dr. Wang has profoundtheoretical knowledge of her profession and is good at integration of industryresources with many years of practical experience in management and marketingin the feed industry and accumulative resources in the field of feed farming.

  • Senior Scientist, Ph.D., Andrew J. Logan
  • Co-inventor of iCell technology, B.S. of Biology in James Madison University, M.S. and Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering and Engineering Science in Colorado School of Mines. Dr. Logan once worked for several renowned research institutes in USA and Norway and has made numerous achievements in scientific research. Meanwhile, Dr. Logan has rich experience in commercial operation of producing SCP as feed protein through utilization of byproducts from food factory.
  • Senior Scientist, Ph.D., MBA, Seth S. Terry
  • Co-inventor of iCell technology, undergraduate degree from Princeton University, M.S and Ph.D. in Environmental Science and Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines, MBA from Regis University. Dr. Terry has special expertise in molecular biology and biochemistry with many years’ experience in optimization of biological processes and evaluation of treatment facilities.
  • Business Development, Yang Song
  • In charge of key account management. He holds a Bachelor degree in Business Economics from University of California - Los Angeles. He had many years of international business experience in financial investments and feed nutrition projects in North America, China and Southeast Asia.
  • Dr. Yuyu
  • Senior animal nutrition expert
    FormerAsia Regional Director, National Renderers Association
  • Dr. Hla Aung
  • Senior Veterinarian
    Gentech Veterinary Director